After months of waiting to get the final approval, “When Was Your First Time”? is set to launch on Wednesday, November 20th, 2013 on  To get you up to speed with what has been going with us and Sidral Mundet we have to go back to April of 2013.  We began pre-production shortly after our incredible Live Pitch and the announcement of team Society of 6 from Santa Monica College original concept being selected as the overall winner.

First things first.  We had to cast 5 characters to play the role of Adam, Eve, Mr. Manzana and parents (mom and dad) to Eve. Society of 6 did a great job of introducing potential candidates for the roles, unfortunately we could not use all of them due to union status and the cost going well over our budget.  We actually did allocate extra funds to try and work with SAG but in the end it was just not possible.  So, we kept the role of Eve as is, played by the talented Cristina Cordova.  The role of Adam was awarded to Benjamin Norris, the role of Father to George Capacete, Mother to Mikki Padilla and last but certainly not least, Mr. Manzana went to the very funny Matt Cordova, no relation to Cristina.

Next we had to finalize a location and did so in the film permit fee friendly city of Burbank.  Production was scheduled for Thursday, May 2nd, 2013. The team of students arrived eager and ready to film, each member participated in a variety of positions on set and they mixed very well with our crew.  A synergy had developed allowing for a very productive and fun day on set.  MPW mentor and Producer/Director, Sergio Guerrero and MPW mentor, Producer  Marcelo C. Alvarez said, “these students worked incredibly hard through out the entire process, now their vision came to life. It’s amazing what they did with the opportunity that they were given”.

The following weeks in May 2013 were spent in post production.  We had a final cut, client approved or so we thought!  This is the part that got tricky.  Sidral Mundet recently became partners with Coca Cola which meant everything we did needed to get a 2nd final approval and due the conservative nature of the Coca Cola Company we were a bit nervous as the subject matter could have been considered to much for their new brand.  Timing was everything and in all it took a total of 4 months to get the go ahead.  But wait, there’s still more, the social media aspect of this campaign.

Fast forward to the month of November 2013, Sidral Mundet is ready to showcase “When Was Your First Time” along with a user interactive social media campaign on facebook to promote the original winning concept.

The most important aspect of this campaign is the fact that no creative or ad agencies were involved, the team of 6 Students came up with everything on their own.  Ok, ok, yes we did help a little along the way by encouraging the students to develop the concept – make it bigger and better in terms of a long lasting campaign that could potentially generate user participation.  The students in team Society of 6 of Santa Monica College deserve the real credit for their original and creative ideas in this full circle campaign.

Go to on November 20th, 2013 to see “When Was Your First Time”.  We also have extras videos along the way that will be posted on our blog during the week of November 27th, 2013.  MPW out…