Our very own Producer/Co-Founder, Marcelo C. Alvarez also of 5 Empires Entertainment has been hired to teach at UCLA Ext. during the upcoming fall 2014 quarter.  The class is titled, “Commercial Producing for all Platforms” and has a total of 27 students from all over the world. The class will instructed over the course of 12 weeks and will go over the complete commercial production process.


In addition to learning how to preparing budgets, pre-production materials, write commercial scripts and reviewing successful ad campaigns the class will have a list of prominent guest speakers that will included:  Producer Maria Aceves of La Panda Productions, Producer/Director Sergio Guerrero of Indi-Eye Productions and MY Production Workshop, Producer Rachel Horvath of Lunchbox, Vice President of Sales Steven Fishman of Media Services and Author/Copywriter Moises Zamora of Grupo Gallegos


Another cool thing about the class is that it will be taught along with Writer/Director David Martin-Porras so this 3 hour weekly course will be full of energy, useful information and allow the students to learn things that take years to figure out behind the scenes or on set.

The goal is to prepare the students with an overall understanding of how things work in the commercial production industry.  With the demand of content being so high in this technological age and the means of distribution at the fingertips of users world-wide there is no better time for young filmmakers to explore this avenue.
We all have to pay our bills + make a living, so why not get the experience, keep the bank account in the black and make some great contacts along the way to our award winning films, oscar nominations and golden globes by means of commercials.