Producers, Marcelo C. Alvarez and Sergio Guerrero began the first workshop last night with the group of students from Woodbury University known as, “I’ll Buy That” The team is lead by Mackenzie Zulegar.  After spending time with this group it became very apparent to the MPW mentors that they are very determined to prove a point.  Woodbury’s film program began in September 2012 and the consensus among the group is a feeling of not being recognized as a serious film program, being new to the arena the students want to show case their creativity followed by a passion and desire to set them selves apart from Santa Monica College and the Inner-City Filmmakers

“It was great to hear these students thoughts on participating in our workshop, they seemed very eager to begin and “win” the concept phase. Pictured here are the students of Woodbury University, (left to right) Woodbury teacher, Rick Rafanovic, Jonathan Schnoravorian, , MPW Mentor Sergio Guerrero, Kaitlyn Jones, Mckenzie Zulegar, Nicolas Gooden, MPW Mentor Marcelo C. Alvarez, bottom row, Dana Bouchey and Sarah Asaly.