The night had finally come, it was an 4 intense weeks of brainstorming, creating and developing and original concept to be pitched in front of an 80 person live audience. Santa Monica Playhouse was the stage and a chance to win $5000 for their schools media / film program + $2500 for their team was up for grabs.The winning concept would be determined by a panel of judges that included, Jeanette Fritz Director at Consumer Insights and Special CKE (Carl’s Karcher Enterprises) Hector Orci, Co-Founder, Co-Chair of La Agencia de Orci & Asociados, one of the leading independent Hispanic advertising agencies in the U.S. and Edmundo Macias, New Products Development Manager at Novamex  – Sidral Mundet.

The crowd was full of producers, directors, ad exec’s and colleagues.  The event began just after the sun laid down on the Pacific, casting a glow as if motivated by CTO (color temperature orange, a gel used in lighting).  As our guests entered they enjoyed a delicious and cold Sidral Mundet Manzana Verde (green apple soda).

Michelle Claire, a talented actor form Los Angeles graced our red carpet and interviewed the teams participating, “I’ll Buy That” from Woodbury University with Dr. Bruce Cook PhD. , “Society of 6” from Santa Monica College with professor Salvador Carrasco and “Los Carnales” of Inner-City Filmakers with Fred Henrieck and Stephania Lipner, the MPW Mentors Sergio Guerrero and Marcelo C. Alvarez, the judges and special guests Producer Heather Hale,  Executive Producer/Director Derek Gibson, Augustin Garza President of Garza Group, Director of Photography Xavier Perez Grobet and Producer Michael Jewison.

The show began with host Mikki Padilla warming the crowd and presenting the teams.  “I’ll Buy That” was first and their art/walk concept was performed on stage by an ensemble that include a police officer, a news reporter, camera man, cute girl, thirsty guy, an artsist and an illustration of a Sidral Mundet Manzana Verde bottle, the bar was set.  Next was, “Los Carnales” with a visually stunning skateboarding concept with a wide arrangement of camera angles and staying real to the roots of skateboarding, using elements of sound and video they captured the judges attention.  Last was, “Society of 6” and boy did they come to perform.  Using a talented and energetic spokes person, a 3 dimensional story was presented as we learned about a teenage couple and their first time.

The teams all did a great job working together and presenting their ideas, the decision was going to be tough.  Which campaign had the greatest potential and why?  The judges would render a tough decision and a winner would be announced…

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